Altamesa Energy  is a LatAm-focused O&G project development and asset management investment platform, strategically headquartered in Bogota, Colombia, that has a distinctive  and transformative business model.

Altamesa Energy’s core business is to promote oil and gas investments in Latin America by developing, acquiring, financing and transforming medium and large scale oil and gas projects. Altamesa aims to develop strategic alliances with the key players active in the LatAm O&G sector to provide financial, operative, managerial and strategic value added solutions.

Altamesa aims to become the most agile, opportunistic and profitable platform between the O&G projects it identifies, develops and structures in LatAm and its sources of capital.


South America: Kra 7 No. 71 - 21, 5th Floor

Bogota, Colombia

T. +57 (1) 908 47 66 - +57 311 532 46 89

Europe: 9, Rue de Candolle 1205 Geneva, Switzerland

T. +41 79 402 88 87

U.S.A.: T. +1 817 9 03 33 37

Canada: T. +1 (514) 647-2364