Create Value to Investors While Mitigating Oil Price Volatility

Innovation and Technology

Compliance and Best Business Practices

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Financial Prudence

Rigorous Risk Management

Transparency and Ethics

By having an integrated understanding of currently stressed assets and identifying the best intervention strategies to realize better than average returns to investors.

While acting with complete

transparency and following the highest ethical standards, we continue to establish relationships with our stakeholders built on trust.

We obey and comply with all relevant international and local laws and regulations. We avoid any behavior that may affect our business reputation, always promoting the use of best business practices.

We are committed to delivering value to our stakeholders ensuring that safety is efficiently upheld at the top of our priorities while acting in a responsible manner towards our natural environment and the community.

Through a disciplined financial approach we achieve an optimal investment structure in our portfolio projects.

A rigorous risk management discipline is focused into our decision making process in order to  mitigate the risks associated to every

opportunity we undertake.

We bring value-added leading-edge technology solutions to the projects in our portfolio.

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